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Origin Travel Fellowship scheme is intended to assist researchers in molecular research. The fellowships mainly give opportunities for researchers to work in exciting new contexts across India and Singapore: they support the development of research by visiting and working in a centre of excellence or participating in specialised practical workshops and courses.

Following are the guidelines :
  •  The scheme is open to those who have been a member of Origin for at least 12 months prior to the application and all application forms must be supported and signed by two core members of the Origin.
  •  The value of each award is typically up to 2,000 US Dollars – exceptions will be considered where a strong case can be made. An Origin Travel Fellowship is normally awarded for a period of two weeks to three months.
  •  Origin Travel Fellowships are intended to support research on the basis of technical exchange, including participation at practical workshops and courses, but not attendance at scientific meetings or conferences.
  •  Applicants may not apply to fund a trip within the country where they are currently working.
  •  The committee sets a limit on the proportion of fellowships that can be awarded for visits to the countries other than the India.
  •  There are no specific submission dates for applications and therefore applicants should allow adequate time between submitting their application to be evaluated and the date they wish to travel.